Stanford headlines for the week of February 21, 2007

Alumni couple Yang and Yamazaki pledge $75 million to the university

Faculty headliners at AAAS

The American West via Avedon's lens

Paul Teicholz awarded Turner Prize for Innovation in Construction Technology

New financial-aid program aims to help students from middle-income families

Plans to build new homes for Stanford Daily, police move ahead

Community Day set to return April 15 with new attractions

Senate to hear findings of five-year study on student writing

Scholar explores role of science in public decisions about weapons systems

A new accelerator technique doubles the energy of a particle in just 1 meter

International Policy Studies to launch expanded master's program in the fall

Public agrees global warming exists but also divided over severity of problem

Tobacco companies obstructed science, history Professor Robert Proctor says

Global impact of livestock production focus of recent event

Forum tackles question: Why read books?

Design approved for medical school's 'front door'

Stanford gets $7 million in state stem cell grants

School's faculty senate will meet tonight

Concert will explore Gershwin's music, illness

$1 million autism grant will benefit Hallmayer

Stem cell transplants explored as possible treatment for hearing loss

Greenberg describes long road to developing effective avian flu vaccination strategies

RNAi shows promise in gene therapy

Media monitor

Hallmayer on the genetics of autism


Cardinal Chronicle

Staff workshop on retirement benefits set