Medical center people

Sean Mackey

Hugh O'Brodovich

Ellen Porzig

Mary Jacobson, MD, clinical assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology, has been selected by the Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics as one of 20 scholars to participate in the APGO/Solvay Pharmaceuticals Educational Scholars Development Program. The program has a rigorous 15-month curriculum covering curriculum and instruction; measurement and evaluation; research and statistics, and leadership and management. Jacobson will take part in the program designed to help obstetricians and gynecologists become educational leaders in the field of women's health.

Shelli Kesler, PhD, has been promoted to assistant professor (research) of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, as of Dec. 1. She studies the neurobiologic status and neuroplasticity of systems underlying learning deficits, particularly with mathematics and other spatial-executive tasks, in children with medical conditions that affect neurodevelopment including Turner syndrome and brain tumors. Kesler's focus is on the connectivity of frontal-parietal regions associated with spatial-executive functions and how the integrity of these pathways can be improved through syndrome-specific programs of cognitive rehabilitation.

Sean Mackey, MD, PhD, associate professor of anesthesia, has been promoted to director of the Pain Management Division. His primary research interests, as director of the Stanford Systems Neuroscience and Pain Lab, involves using systems neuroscience approaches (including functional and structural MRI, neurobehavioral and psychophysical assessments) to understanding the neural processing of pain and the resulting neuronal plasticity induced in patients with chronic pain.

Hugh O'Brodovich, MD, has been appointed professor and chair of the Department of Pediatrics, as of Jan. 1. O'Brodovich was the former chair of pediatrics at the University of Toronto, and pediatrician-in-chief at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children. His lab research focuses on the relationship between ion transport in lung epithelium and pulmonary edema and respiratory distress syndrome in newborns. O'Brodovich will serve as chief of staff at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital.

Ellen Porzig, PhD, has been promoted to professor (research) of developmental biology, as of Dec. 1. Her research interests include early human developmental biology, organogenesis and sex determination in embryogenesis. Porzig also serves as associate dean for graduate education.