Stanford headlines for the week of August 8, 2007

Stanford professors awarded National Science Medals by President Bush

New parking permits on sale; current permits expire Aug. 31

Bill Walsh, Hall of Fame football coach, is dead at 75

Melvin B. Lane, former trustee and environmental champion, dies

Sticking to the beach might not be such good, clean fun

E-Day teaches kids about bioengineering

Drug production, disease management and digital world revolutionized by Stanford inventions

What a 250-million-year-old extinction event can tell us about the Earth today

Public memorial service to be held Friday for Bill Walsh

Newsstand: Stanford Business

McDonald's has a hold on preschoolers' taste buds

Music moves brain to pay attention, organize events

Teen interns to show off their immunology work

Exhibit on tobacco ads now available online

Kids undergoing severe trauma show altered brain function, researchers say

Flip of genetic switch causes cancer cells in mice to halt, self-destruct

Medical center people

Boyhood butterfly hobby grows up to be genetics research

Three medical school faculty to receive endowed professorships

Media monitor


New center on brain research connects faculty with multidisciplinary interests

Eat your heart out, Monet

Palo Alto, Stanford partner to host start of major cycling event

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