Stanford University

President John Hennessy announces improvements to Stanford living wage policy for contracted workers

Stanford President John Hennessy today announced changes to the university’s living wage policy, which covers contracted workers on the Stanford campus. The changes become effective Sept. 1, 2007.

He made the announcement during a meeting at 4:30 p.m. with student members of the Stanford Labor Action Coalition. The meeting is the third this week Hennessy has held with the students.

Hennessy told the students the university is changing the criteria defining eligibility for coverage under the living wage policy. The university will remove the exemption from the policy for contracted employees who are employed less than 30 hours per week. The living wage policy will now cover all “regular employees of the contractor,” whereas previously employees hired on a temporary, short-term basis were not covered.

Hennessy also told the students that contractors at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center will also now be eligible for coverage under the living wage policy.

The university also will establish a list of preferred contractors who have agreed to pay the living wage, even if they are not covered by the provisions of the policy. The list will be made available to all university departments, and the departments will be strongly encouraged to use a preferred contractor if one is available that performs the services needed.

The university’s living wage policy includes a wage minimum for contracted employees of $11.15 per hour with benefits and $12.59 per hour without benefits. The guidelines are estimated currently to cover about 125 to 150 workers providing basic services under current contracts with vendors. The guidelines apply to contractors whose non-union employees provide basic services such as maintenance, grounds keeping, housing and food service. In addition to setting wage minimums, the policy also requires contractors to provide 10 paid days off per year for eligible employees.