Stanford headlines for the week of November 15, 2006

Hoover Institution is awarded the National Humanities Medal

Can we know the audience from the dance?

Integrating work and family matters to Dean Pamela Matson

Many views of the environment expressed at conference

Scholars learn to communicate plainly the science of climate change

Honors & Awards

Failure is essential to generating new ideas, Premji says

Researchers study how technology shapes the ways in which students learn

X-ray laser pulse captures image of nanoscale object

Ongoing crisis in academic-journal pricing is the focus of recent colloquium

Ludwig Fund gives $20 million for cancer research

To slow AIDS in Russia, treat HIV-infected drug addicts

Nov. 28 panel, film on children's health in Africa

Musen honored for open-source software

Medical faculty senate to meet this evening

Barking up the right tree? Study to evaluate pine extracts

Cox named interim chair of pediatrics as effort to hire new chief delayed

Nobel laureate to give lecture on olfactory system

Medical center people

Herzenberg accepts Kyoto Prize

At annual staff dinner, dean presents two stellar employees with Spirit Award

'Big Game' blood drive kicks off

Tickets on sale now for bloodmobile fundraiser

Mahood, Horowitz are helping to lead graduate education

Book says differences in corporate cultures can make business mergers difficult

'Red Queen' of competition improves organizations

Faculty Senate minutes - November 9, 2006 meeting

Ph.D. Orals

Staff who manage property encouraged to attend event


Campus-wide winter shutdown scheduled to begin Dec. 20

Cardinal Chronicle

Laboratory designer given O’Neill Award for exceptional work

Munill makes sure books all over the world are within reach