Neuroscientists get Alzheimer's grants

The Alzheimer's Association has awarded nearly $600,000 in grants to three members of the neurology department for research into causes and treatments for Alzheimer's disease.

Professor William Mobley, MD, PhD, will use the money to further his study of how a particular protein implicated in the disease affects the transport of nerve growth factor, which promotes nerve cell growth and protects cells from damage.

Marion Buckwalter, MD, PhD, an instructor in the department, received funding for an investigation of neuronal precursor cells, which can, in some brain regions, generate replacement neurons.

The third grant went to associate professor Tony Wyss-Coray, PhD, who is studying whether memory impairment can be treated by using a certain neurotrophin (molecules critical for the maintenance, survival and function of neurons) that is found in reduced levels in Alzheimer's patients.