Stanford headlines for the week of June 21, 2006

Summer of science: University offers free public lectures

Gregorian: Be good ancestors to future

In a wired world, don't short-circuit souls, Brokaw says

Text of Tom Brokaw's Commencement address (2006)

Text of Vartan Gregorian's Commencement address (2006)

Text of Hennessy's speech

Text of Coit Blacker's Class Day lecture (2006)

Memorial for Walter Meyerhof is scheduled for July 16

Blowin' away: Senate pays tribute to outgoing chair Eric Roberts

Honors & Awards

Travel-grant program helps junior faculty with dependents

Sun and Earth

Australian hunter-gatherers to exhibit artwork as part of 'bio-cultural exchange'

Hennessy recounts contributions of alumnus Albert Manley

'Be useful. Be humble. Act honorably. And give of yourself until it hurts'

From refugee camp to Creative Writing Program, a 'Lost Boy' earns his diploma

Are you a pilgrim or passenger? A challenge to graduates

'My Minyan': Kornreich reflects on her Stanford journey

Malenka interviewed on 'Science Friday'

Alzheimer's patients needed for study

Chocolate, wine and spicy foods may be OK for heartburn

Menopausal women need more treatment guidance

New pulmonary biology center opens at Packard Children’s

Media monitor

Can stem cells be turned into vessels?

Commencement celebrates knowledge and friendship, challenges and hope

Students, faculty honored with three awards

Medical center people

Volunteers needed for study of depression in mothers and daughters

Volunteers needed for flu vaccine study


Ph.D. Orals

On redesigned webpage, logging in with SUNet ID will look different but act the same

Cardinal Chronicle

HIP to your health: Program emphasizes overall well-being

Bring kids 10 and up to School of Engineering's 'Camp EDAY'