Scholars win gender research awards

Clayman Institute announces winners of Iris F. Litt Award, Marilyn Yalom Award, Marjorie Lozoff Graduate Essay Prize

The Iris F. Litt Award, which supports gender research, is open to faculty affiliated with the Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research. Awards for 2006-07 have been presented to the following faculty members:

  • Jennifer Eberhardt, Department of Psychology, ($3,000) for her project "Race in Motion: Is Black Male Body Movement Perceived as Threatening?"
  • Purnima Mankekar and Akhil Gupta, Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology, ($2,500) for their project on "Gender, Globalization and Labor in Call Centers in India"
  • Matthew Sommer, Department of History, ($2,500) for his project on "Wife Selling in Qing Dynasty China"
  • Michele Tertilt, Department of Economics, ($2,500) for her project on "A Macroeconomic Analysis of Women's Suffrage"
  • Richard Zare, Department of Chemistry, ($3,000) for his proposal for a survey of career interest and future plans among male and female graduate students and postgraduate fellows in the Department of Chemistry
  • The 2005-06 Marilyn Yalom Award, which supports faculty and institute scholars working on issues concerning gender in the humanities, has been given to history Associate Professor Matthew Sommer for his project "Male Same-Sex Union and Masculinity in 18th-Century China."

    The 2006 Marjorie Lozoff Graduate Essay Prize, which is awarded annually to promote scholarship in gender research, was awarded to two graduate students in recognition of the large number of high-quality entries submitted this year. The recipients, who each received $750, are David Siddhartha Patel, Department of Political Science, for his essay, "Concealing to Reveal: The Changing Informational Role of Islamic Dress," and Sarah Richardson, Program in Modern Thought and Literature, for her essay, "Feminist Contributions to Genetic Models of Sex Determination."