40 students honored last month with Firestone, Golden medals

Forty students were recognized last month with a Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research or a Robert M. Golden Medal for Excellence in Humanities and Creative Arts.

The Firestone Medal is awarded to graduating students for honors projects in engineering and the social, physical and natural sciences. The Golden Medal is awarded to graduating students for honors projects in the humanities or creative projects in the fine arts.

Following is a list of the medalists, their majors, honors projects and faculty sponsors:

Firestone Medal

Maiko Emi Adachi, urban studies: "Gentrification and Neighborhood Change in Chicago"; Michael Rosenfeld, sociology

John Adams, biological sciences: "Phylogenetic Bias in Correlated Mutation Analysis"; Judith Frydman, biological sciences, and James Farrell, molecular pharmacology

Douglas Allen, Center for Environmental Science and Policy: "Developing a Hydrogen Infrastructure in California: A Pathway Analysis"; Jim Sweeney, management science and engineering, and Rosamond Naylor, economics

Elizabeth Almasi, economics: "The Relationship Between Direct-to-Consumer Prescription Drug Advertising and Prescription Rates"; Jayanta Bhattacharya, economics and School of Medicine

Michael Bernstein, symbolic systems: "Taskpose: A Dynamic Task-Based Window Management Aid"; Jeff Shrager, Carnegie Institution of Washington Department of Plant Biology, and Terry Winograd, computer science

Alison Brooks, biological sciences: "Molecular Mechanisms Determining SDS Sensitivity in Tryptophan Biosynthesis Mutants of S. cerevisiae"; Martha Cyert and Ron Kopito, biological sciences

Eva Chen, psychology: "Learning Through Storybooks: Development of Ideal Affect in Children"; Jeanne Tsai, psychology

Jonathan Chou, biological sciences: "Insight into Giant Axonal Neuropathy: Characterizing a New Interaction Between Gigaxonin and SCG10, a Microtubule-Catastrophe Factor Involved in Axonal Dynamics"; Yanmin Yang, neurology and neurological sciences, and Liqun Luo, biological sciences

Carl Dambkowski, psychology: "Impulsivity and Language Production: The Relationship Between Cognition and Language"; Natasha Kirkham, psychology

Isil Dillig, computer science: "A Flow-, Path- and Context-Sensitive Null Dereference Analysis for C Programs"; Alex Aiken, computer science

Rushabh Doshi, economics: "Inverted Yield Curves and the Conundrum: A Dynamic Model of the Term Structure of Interest Rates"; John Taylor, economics

Phillip Dumesic, biological sciences: "Roles for Mek1 and Mek2 in Epidermal Growth and Differentiation"; Paul Khavari, dermatology, and William Burkholder, biological sciences

Adam Freedman, geological and environmental sciences: "Hydrothermal Minerals Record Variations in CO2 Flux of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: Reykjanes Geothermal System, Iceland"; Dennis K. Bird, geological and environmental sciences

Mark Hammer, biological sciences: "A Novel High-Throughput Enzyme Complementation-Based Assay for G Protein-Coupled Receptor Internalization and Endosomal PI3-Kinase Activity"; Helen Blau, microbiology and immunology, and Martha Cyert, biological sciences

Kevin Ju, biological sciences: "Trojan Horse Therapy: TAT-Mediated Transduction of the BH4 Domain of Bcl-xL Protects Against Excitotoxicity"; Robert Sapolsky, biological sciences, and Gary Steinberg, neurosurgery

Derek Kilner, political science: "Interest and Responsibility: Explaining Western Military Intervention in Civil Wars"; Jeremy Weinstein, political science

Eli Lazarus, Center for International Security and Cooperation: "Rearming the Law: Popular Motivations for Amendment of Japan's Pacifist Constitution"; Daniel Okimoto, political science

Jeffrey Lee, international relations: "Women and Executive Power in Latin America: Political and Social Mechanisms and Trends"; Beatriz Magaloni-Kerpel, political science

Stephanie Mika, human biology: "Seeking a Referent or Fleeing a Mismatch: How Should We Interpret Children's Eye Movements in a Preferential Looking Procedure?"; Anne Fernald and Virginia Marchman, psychology

Jonathan Pearlstein, science, technology and society: "Implementing Electronic Health Records in Ambulatory Care Organizations: Expectations, Perceptions and Conflicts"; Amar Das, medical informatics, and Rebecca Slayton, science, technology and society

Felipe Perez, human biology: "Rhythmic Regulation of Retina Progenitor Cell Production by Clock Gene Through Proliferation of Cellular Nuclear Antigen"; Russell Fernald and Sheng Zhao, biological sciences

Krista Rappahahn, human biology: "Identification of Novel and Recurrent Exonic Deletions in the CFTR Gene of Hispanic Cystic Fibrosis Patients"; Iris Schrijver, pathology, and Paul Fisher, neurology and neurological sciences, and pediatrics

Kareem Rashid Rumah, biological sciences: "Blood-Brain Barrier Breakdown: A Cause or Consequence of Lesions in Multiple Sclerosis?"; Ben Barres, neurology and neurological sciences, and Liqun Luo, biological sciences

Alyssa Schwartz, education: "The Rigors of Enlightenment: The Search for Community at Deep Springs College"; David Labaree, education

Andrew Sung, chemical engineering: "Structure-Property Relationships of Phenylene-Thiophene Organic Semiconducting Oligomers"; Zhenan Bao, Curtis W. Frank and Jason Locklin, chemical engineering

Cathelynn Tio, international relations: "University Legal Aid in Beijing: Grassroots Realizations and Perceptions of Chinese Legal Reform"; Matthew Sommer, history

Kevin Ummel, public policy: "Development Assistance and Global Poverty: A New Approach to Assessing the Effectiveness of Foreign Aid"; Nicholas Hope, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research

Inna Vishik, physics: "Copper-Site Impurity Doping in the Electron-Doped High-Temperature Superconductor Neodymium Cerium Copper Oxide: Crystal Growth, Characterization and Neutron Scattering"; Martin Greven, applied physics, and Steven Kivelsen, physics

Weihuang Wong, political science: "Business-State Relations in Singapore"; Isabela Mares, political science

Matthew Zafra, cultural and social anthropology: "Within These Walls: The Construction of Colonial Heritage in Manila's Intramuros"; Michael Wilcox and Miyako Inoue, cultural and social anthropology

Margit Zwemer, mathematics: "The Topology of Large Patches from the Space of Natural Images"; Gunnar Carlsson, mathematics

Golden Medal

Jonathan Fetter-Vorm, history: "Curious Memories and Tragic Cases"; Paula Findlen and Carolyn Lougee Chappell, history

Joanna Fiduccia, English: "Beyond a Best Text: Reading Through Marianne Moore's Revisions"; Brett Bourbon, English

Thomas Grano, linguistics: "'Me and Her' Meets 'He and I': Case, Person and Linear Ordering in English Coordinated Pronouns"; Arnold Zwicky and Thomas Wasow, linguistics

Christina Lash, comparative literature: "Extra-Realism in the Contemporary Slave Narratives of Toni Morrison and Manuel Zapata Olivella"; Ramón Saldívar, English

Kim Liao, interdisciplinary studies in humanities: "The Prolonged Creative Effort: Dramatic Authorship in Beckett's Endgame"; Joshua Landy, French and Italian

Paul Navarro, history: "A Concise History of the Partido Comunista del Peru-Patria Roja (1960-1992)"; Herbert Klein and Zephyr Frank, history

Susanna Rinard, philosophy: "A Collection of Three Papers: Bayesianism and the Paradox of Confirmation / Group Selection and the 'Averaging Fallacy' / Interaction and Altruism"; Mark Crimmins and Helen Longino, philosophy

Matthew Smith, ethics in society: "Religion and Democracy: Public Reason in the Gay Marriage Debate"; Kathleen Sullivan, law, and Debra Satz, philosophy

Jenna Tonn, feminist studies: "Writing Medicine: Gendered Representations of Gynecological Therapy, 1890-1900"; Andrea Lunsford, English