Ph.D. Orals

ph.d. oralsThe deadline for submitting Ph.D. orals is 5 p.m. Wednesday for the following issue.

MONDAY, FEB. 13Chaiyasit Manovit, electrical engineering, "Testing Memory Consistency of Shared-Memory Multiprocessors," 10 a.m., Packard Building, Room 202.

Deidre B. O'Brien, electrical engineering, "Cost-Sensitive Performance of Probability Estimation-Based Classifiers: Analysis and Practice," noon, Packard Building, Room 101.

Jen-Shiang Wang, electrical engineering, "High-Resolution Optical Maskless Lithography Based on Micromirror Arrays," 4:15 p.m., Applied Physics Building, Room 200.

TUESDAY, FEB. 14James Mammen, electrical engineering, "Performance Trade-Offs in Large Wireless Networks," 4:15 p.m., CIS-X Auditorium.

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 15Jason Michael Blank, biological sciences, "Comparative Studies of Metabolic and Cardiac Physiology in Tunas," 2 p.m., Hopkins Marine Station, Boatworks Auditorium.