Cram course in satellite technology at Stanford/NASA for Romanian students

Jack Hubbard
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Aero-Astro Professor Bob Twiggs goes through the nuts and bolts of building a tiny satellite for visiting Romanian engineering and physics students. From Bucharest, they will take what they have learned and will build the first satellite ever to be made in Romania, scheduled for launch in 2007. It was a cram course: Elements of Twigg's normal 10-week program corkscrewed into just five days. Almost too much information, said the students, who asked their country's space agency for permission to come to the United States to meet with Twiggs.

Left to right: Claudiu Stirbei, physics undergraduate; Irina Stefanescu, Ph.D engineering student, University Politehnica, Bucharest; Twiggs, physics; Mugurel Balan, graduate student, physics, University of Bucharest; and Marius Trusculescu, undergraduate student, physics, University of Bucharest.