Rebates for recycled office equipment

Rebates worth $200 and $500 are available to offices that recycle old refrigerators and copier machines and replace them with Energy Star-labeled products. Campus energy manager Susan Kulakowski said renewal of the rebate program for next year is uncertain, so offices are urged to submit an application by the July 15 deadline.

Rebates are $200 for old refrigerators and $500 for old copier machines. Both appliances were chosen because they have high electricity needs, and Energy Star models use 20 percent to 50 percent less electricity, according to the utilities division. The rebates help cover the costs of recycling these old appliances

Offices are responsible for arranging the recycling of their appliances. A pickup can be scheduled through Peninsula Sanitary Service Inc. (PSSI) for about $100, Kulakowski said. She added that some vendors offer programs for taking away old refrigerators for a small fee. To contact PSSI, visit or call 321-4236.

The refrigerator rebate program already has encouraged the purchase of 28 energy-efficient refrigerators, which will result in an annual energy savings of 6,000 kilowatt-hours. Twenty-one of those refrigerators were bought by the office of Land and Buildings and the School of Humanities and Sciences.

The refrigerator rebate was first offered during the 2004 fiscal year, while the program for copiers began in January.

To be eligible for either rebate, the old and the new equipment must be installed in a building served by Stanford Utilities electric power. Also, the appliance being replaced cannot be Energy Star certified. Certified units will have a label affixed.

More information about these programs and their eligibility requirements are available at Rebate applications can be downloaded from the website.