Annual awards to be given for patient care and teaching

Alfred Lane

Elliot Wolfe

Clarence Braddock III

This year's winners of the medical school awards for outstanding contributions to graduate and medical education, patient care and teaching will be honored at the commencement ceremony on Saturday.

The Arthur L. Bloomfield Award in Recognition of Excellence in the Teaching of Clinical Medicine, now in its 42nd year, goes to THEODORE SECTISH, MD, associate professor (teaching) of pediatrics, and to D. Scott Smith, MD, adjunct assistant professor of medicine (immunology and microbiology) and a member of Kaiser Permanente's Department of Infectious Disease in Redwood City. The award commemorates the late Bloomfield, MD, chair of the Department of Medicine from 1926 to 1954. Award recipients were chosen by students in clinical training.

The Franklin G. Ebaugh Jr. Award for Advising Medical Students goes to Alfred T. Lane, MD, professor of dermatology and of pediatrics. In its 13th year, the award honors the late Ebaugh, MD, longtime associate dean for veterans affairs and chief of staff at the VA hospital. The recipient of the award, which recognizes commitment and dedication to service, was chosen by medical students and full-time faculty members.

Both the School of Medicine Award for Graduate Teaching and the Award for Outstanding Service to Graduate Students are being given to Joseph S. Lipsick, MD, PhD, professor of pathology and of genetics. The graduate awards, now in their sixth year, recognize teaching excellence and exceptional impact in the graduate classroom and outstanding service on behalf of graduate students at the medical school. Medical faculty and MS and PhD students at the medical school voted on the graduate education awards.

The 33rd annual Kaiser Family Foundation Award for Outstanding and Innovative Contributions to Medical Education goes to Garry Gold, MD, assistant professor of radiology. He was selected in a vote by fellow faculty members.

Students in clinical medicine chose the recipients of the 37th annual Kaiser Foundation Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching: Peter Pompei, MD, associate professor of medicine (general internal medicine); Elizabeth Stuart, clinical assistant professor of pediatrics, and Elliot Wolfe, director of the Office of Professional Development.

Students in preclinical medicine selected the winners of the Kaiser Foundation Award for Excellence in Preclinical Teaching, also in its 37th year: Clarence H. Braddock III, MD, associate professor of medicine (general internal medicine); Andrew J. Connolly, MD, assistant professor of pathology; David B. Lewis, MD, associate professor of pediatrics (immunology and transplant biology), and Hannes Vogel, MD, associate professor of pathology.

This year's Alwin C. Rambar-James B.D. Mark Award for Excellence in Patient Care will be presented to George A. Fisher Jr., MD, PhD, associate professor of medicine (oncology). The annual award recognizes a member of the medical faculty for compassion in working with patients and their families, excellence in providing medical treatment and effectiveness and pleasantness in interactions with patient-care staff. The Rambar award was established in 1985 to honor the late Rambar, MD, a Chicago pediatrician long associated with Stanford medical school. It was renamed in 1997 to include Mark, MD, a Stanford thoracic surgeon and professor emeritus who was also Rambar's son-in-law.

The fourth annual Lance Armstrong Foundation Compassion in Medicine Award was officially given last month to Neil Gesundheit, MD, associate professor of medicine (endocrinology). The award, honoring the six-time defending Tour de France winner and cancer survivor, recognizes "a physician-mentor whose practice of the art and science of medicine exemplifies a humanistic approach to medical student teaching and patient care." Medical students chose the award winner.