Stanford Libraries acquires archive of Douglas Menuez

Stanford University Libraries has acquired the complete archive of award-winning photographer Douglas Menuez. The archive includes Menuez's editorial photojournalism and fine art documentary work, as well as recent advertising projects. Included in the archive are more than 250,000 negatives documenting the rise of Silicon Valley.

Menuez has worked for publications including Time, Newsweek and Fortune. He has covered subjects including the famine in Ethiopia, destruction of the Amazon rainforest, the AIDS crisis, drug wars and presidential campaigns. In Silicon Valley, Menuez has documented the development of new technology in many sectors of the high-tech industry, including behind-the-scenes coverage of digital pioneers including Steve Jobs, John Sculley, Andy Grove, John Warnock, Bill Joy and John Doerr.

"The Douglas Menuez Collection strengthens Stanford University's growing repository of documentary photographs because it catches decisive moments in the birth of the information age," said University Librarian Michael Keller. "This extraordinary collection is a major addition to the libraries' current holdings of Silicon Valley materials and will be of particular value and historical interest to future generations of scholars and students. The Menuez Collection is a rich source of study, chronicling the impact of modern technology on the form and function of business over the last revolutionary decades."

The archive, which includes more than 340,000 negatives, slides and prints, will be held at the Stanford University Libraries' Department of Special Collections.