Stanford headlines for the week of August 24, 2005

Voting-system project gets grant

The target of death threats, Colombian journalist to spend 2005-06 as research fellow

Knit together

Behind method for activating adult stem cells, a shaggy-mouse story

Four graduate students to appear in premiere of Chasing Nature

Honors and Awards

First-time teachers often choose jobs near hometown

Reminder on giving to Stanford

The once-mighty slide rule makes a comeback (among scholars and collectors)

High schools fail to prepare kids

Team receives grant to study artificial cell membranes

No gender gap in speed dating: Looks matter to women too

Nominations sought for Marsh O’Neill Award

Newsstand: Stanford Business

Survey measures effect of children's brain tumor treatment

Neuroethics program calls for proposals

Smokers in movies tend to be bad guys

Fluorescent probe may aid early cancer detection

Summer camp for future immunologists involves serious research

Robotic technique shows promise in performing complex weight-loss surgery

Bone marrow transplant patients celebrate survival

Media monitor

5 Questions: Humphreys on substance abuse in Iraq

Professor Rodney R. Beard, pioneer of preventive medicine, dies at 93

Medical center people


Climate and Energy Project awards more than $11 million in research grants

Ph.D. Orals

Cardinal Chronicle

Wellness Q & A

Memorial for Dorothy B. Holbrook, former secretary to the dean of student affairs, set for Aug. 28