Stanford headlines for the week of August 10, 2005

'Geoneutrinos' provide new window into Earth’s interior

Linda Perry Kustin, longtime university editor and administrator, dead at 60

A new spin on silicon

Nanotech-laser kills cancer, preserves healthy cells

Solar car team wins 1st place in 2,500-mile stock-class race

At depth of 2 miles, drilling reaches active section of fault zone

Mummy's secrets revealed

Honors & Awards

Roble Pool a popular alternative for swimmers on west side of campus

Program opens doors to the world of medical science

Team discovers 'missing link' in origins of allergy attacks

October conference on stem cell work

Alzheimer's patients needed for study

5 Questions: Lock on eating disorders

Media Monitor

Researchers find c-section procedure decreases risk of abdominal scarring

Infants born at night have higher mortality rate in first month of life

Vantage Point: Value—not cost comparisons between countries—should be focus of U.S. health-care reform efforts

Syncopated summer camp

Joseph Jedd, former university bursar and president of Faculty Club, dead at 85

Schnoor, university administrator, dies


Former Bowdoin College administrator begins in new assistant dean of freshmen position

Ph.D. Orals

Bio-X symposium will feature topics ranging from artificial corneas to elephant signals

Team wins biomedical engineering award

Cardinal Chronicle