Medical center people

Christopher Contag

Paul Wise

Christopher Contag, PhD, has been named associate professor of pediatrics and of microbiology and of immunology, as of April 1. He studies the underlying biochemistry and gene mechanisms of disease within living animals. His lab uses imaging technology to study the dynamics of biological processes. Contag serves as co-director of the Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford, as well as director of the Stanford Center for Innovation in In Vivo Imaging.

Richard Lewis, PhD, has been promoted to professor of molecular and cellular physiology, as of April 1. He is interested in how the immune system's T cells recognize targets on foreign invaders and use calcium to relay the information inside the cell. Lewis also chairs the Department of Molecular & Cellular Physiology.

Paul Wise, MD, MPH, has been appointed professor of pediatrics as of April 1. His work focuses primarily on children's health policies, as well as studies of health disparities by race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status. He has also worked to improve health-care practices and policies in developing countries. Wise is a core faculty member at the Center for Health Policy/Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research.