Stanford Medicine turns the spotlight on stem cells

Stanford Medicine

The tiny stem cell has taken over nearly the entire fall issue of Stanford Medicine magazine. The issue, which will arrive later in September, gives readers insight into the controversy surrounding stem cell research.

The magazine answers basic questions such as: What exactly is a stem cell? And what’s all the fuss about? The publication goes on to provide the stories behind some of the most exciting work in stem cell research today. Among the offerings:

- An exclusive Q&A with Ron Reagan on his stem cell research advocacy efforts.

- A one-page stem cell “primer” (everything you wanted to know about stem cell research, but were afraid to ask).

- Stories spelling out the science, ethics and politics of the stem cell debate.

- An update on Stanford’s Institute for Cancer/Stem Cell Biology and Medicine.

- A profile of Bob Klein, the man behind California’s Proposition 71 – an initiative that would provide $3 billion for stem cell research.

- A Q&A with actor Michael J. Fox on life with Parkinson’s disease and the role of stem cell research in finding a cure.

- An article by ethicist Ernlé Young examining a key controversy in stem cell research: is a fertilized egg equivalent to a person?

- A feature on the effort, spearheaded at Stanford, to isolate and characterize cancer stem cells.

Look for the magazines in departmental offices and online at in mid-September.