Stanford headlines for the week of October 20, 2004

Engineering alumni meet for a 'playdate'

Test confirms evolutionary changes tied to species movement

Graduate Community Center opens to smiling faces, fanfare

Employees urged to study health plans, some new

Demolition delayed for decaying radio antenna farm with glorious past

Trustees approve 2 percent increase in infrastructure charge

Honors & Awards

After 41 years, Polhemus accepts a call to duty as new chair of Faculty Senate

Funeral for longtime HVAC shop technician Fred Crecy to be held Thursday

Federal sentencing guidelines likely to be stricken, panel says

NEWSSTAND: Stanford Lawyer

New drug identified for treating rheumatoid arthritis

RN, phone home? Yet some patients don't need calls

New faculty profiles to debut online

No gluten allowed

Learn about lupus

Two hearts are better than one for toddler who undergoes historic operation

Family endures a seven-month wait for an operation

Media monitor

Medical center people

Five questions: Gawande on surgeons

Arabic, comparative literature talks set

Warfare against religious extremists strengthens their cause, scholar asserts

Sustainability Month recognized with four-day environmental conference at Farm

$3.5 million gift to study environment

McNamara: No nukes

Faculty Senate minutes - October 14 meeting

Memorial Resolution: David M. Glick

Memorial Resolution: John G. Herriot


VANTAGE POINT: Understanding the university's health care challenges

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