Stanford headlines for the week of November 3, 2004

Household fragrances may be harming aquatic wildlife, study finds

Samuel Pond, former acting dean of Business School, dead at 90

Science festival to be held at Stanford, UC-Berkeley

Vaden Health Center to hold additional flu vaccination clinic for high-risk patients

Collaborative projects brewing one year later at Clark Center

New commission studies graduate education ideas

Exploring neuroscience-humanities links

Prospect of Munger housing project dismays Stanford English professor

Honors & Awards

Remedying educational, social inequity matters to Deborah Stipek

'Voices of Hope' exhibit and conference reflect on Cold War radio broadcasts

VANTAGE POINT: Substantial changes in benefits call for careful consideration

Newly created institute to study pollutants, one molecule at a time

In Print and On the Air

Prop. 71 victory opens new era for research

Annual executive retreat has a twist: managers must get their hands dirty

Doctors win $1.5 million awards for cancer research

Hospital is ranked no. 1 in safety

3D imaging is topic for symposium

New web profiles guarantee up-to-date information

Dozens to participate in 5K race against pulmonary hypertension

Medical center people

Media monitor

Volunteers needed

Three members of medical school faculty assume endowed professorships

Biography revisits Fred Terman's roles in engineering, Stanford, Silicon Valley

Drama professor dismembers Caligula

Computer scientists really are engineers, honor society concludes at meeting

Princeton scholar Appiah explores moral obligation and the ethics of identity

Faculty Senate minutes - October 28 meeting

Memorial Resolution: William C. Reynolds

Memorial Resolution: Robert W.P. Cutler, M.D.

Ph.D. Orals


Police logistics coordinator now top amateur in mountain biking

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