Stanford headlines for the week of November 17, 2004

Libraries acquire extensive collection of poet and writer Andrei Voznesensky

Trust within schools paves way to reforms, education expert says

Awards given for orientation materials

Answers to common questions about health-care choices

After new initiatives, improvements seen in undergraduate advising

Exhibit explores the art, science of a Victorian-era disease

Pollsters dissect Bush election win

Community members express concerns about housing project

Area schools examine ways to counter high academic stress among teenagers

University Press reverses fiscal slide

Many heads better than one, Gregg says

In Print and On the Air

Faculty Senate minutes - November 11, 2004 meeting

Memorial Resolution: Morton Mitchner

Cantor Center invites faculty to discuss works of art in its collection

Packard starts offering surgery to reverse teen obesity

Geneticist to give McCormick Lecture

Cell linked to allergies may not be all bad

Faculty senate meets this evening

Doctors learn by playing with dolls

Genomics is focus of new initiative

Vaccine prevents severe allergic reactions to nuts, milk and wheat in dogs

Media monitor

Medical center people

Study seeks volunteers who are allergic to nuts

5 Questions: Ettinger on women's sexual health

Medical school begins preparing for major review

Volunteers needed

Hennessy announces eight new Bass University Fellows

NEWSSTAND: Stanford Business

Thirteen faculty members selected as 2004-05 Terman Fellows


Ph.D. Orals

Cardinal Chronicle / weekly campus column

Drill dealing with outbreak of norovirus tests nerves, logistics

Central Human Resources offices all to be housed in Serra Street building