A rib-tickling training course

Laughing at the teacher will be encouraged during a new summer workshop offered through Training and Organizational Development, Using Humor in Your Presentations (HRD 067). The 4-hour-long morning workshop will be taught June 29 by Kathy Klotz-Guest of the Humor Group, a company that teaches corporations and institutions to use humor as a leadership tool.

Klotz-Guest, who holds a master's degree in multimedia computer arts and sciences and an MBA from the University of California-Berkeley, is currently a student in the Master of Liberal Arts program here. She started the Humor Group after working in marketing for high-tech companies for more than a decade. She also performs as a stand-up comedian in local clubs.

Last year, a story in the Harvard Business Review reported that, all other things being equal, executives with a sense of humor are promoted more quickly and earn more money, she said. "People think humor is telling jokes. But it's an attitude."

For information about enrolling in the free workshop, visit http://hrweb.stanford.edu/training/classroom/3courses.html or call 723-0657. Workshop participants should have basic public speaking skills.