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Stanford Report, October 22, 2003

Bio-X, Clark Center: Complete Coverage


Photo: L.A.Cicero

Friday, Oct. 24, marks the dedication of the James H. Clark Center, the centerpiece of Stanford University's Bio-X program -- an innovative campuswide initiative designed to foster interdisciplinary research in the biosciences by bridging the worlds of biology, medicine, engineering and the physical sciences.

The ceremony will take place four years after Clark, a former Stanford professor turned Silicon Valley entrepreneur, pledged a large donation to jump-start the Bio-X program.

To commemorate Friday's ceremony, the Stanford News Service and the Stanford University Medical Center Office of Communication have prepared this special edition of Stanford Report. Features include a behind-the-scenes look at life in the Clark Center, descriptions of Bio-X collaborations outside the Clark Center and a rundown of Bio-X medical innovations already in the works.

The multi-tiered walkways that surround the courtyard of the Clark Center allow the viewer many different vantage points of the building’s design and the cutting-edge research occurring just behind the glass. The building invites interactions in many different ways, including an underground auditorium, a coffee house, a flashy new international restaurant and numerous stone benches that encourage intermingling. Photos: L.A.Cicero

A tour of the Clark Center

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