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Stanford Report, September 11, 2002

Post-9/11, alumni look to each other in search of community, Wolf says

A record-breaking crowd attended last October's Reunion Homecoming, which started exactly one month after the terrorist attacks. Howard Wolf, president of the Alumni Association, says the high attendance reflects a broader trend nationwide of people searching for community. "This has become more important as people look for an anchor," he says. "When we asked people why they came to the reunion, the overwhelming response was, 'It's a community to which I belong and I want to be a part of it.' That's a nice byproduct of a terrible tragedy."

The Alumni Association lost five members on Sept. 11 -- Vincent Boland, Ulf Ericson, Naomi Solomon, Waleed Iskander and Bryan Jack -- and subsequently it set up memorial scholarships in each name. In January, alumnus Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and murdered by Islamic militants in Pakistan while reporting a story for the Wall Street Journal. A scholarship was also set up in his name.

Wolf was named Alumni Association president in March 2001, following a long career in business. He says that his appreciation for Stanford has grown since the terrorist attacks: "I come from the business world, and subsequent to 9/11, I find that my business friends are reassessing their careers and asking what it's all about. It makes me that much more proud to be at Stanford, where the goals are research, teaching and learning. They all help to make the world a better place."

--Lisa Trei

Howard Wolf

Howard Wolf