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Stanford Report, May 22, 2002

Anatomy of a transport

Photos and captions by CAMILLE MOJICA REY

Brad Smith, a registered nurse transport specialist (RNTS), was in constant communication with doctors as he and Caroline Lamont, left Lucile Packard Children's Hospital bound for Salinas to pick up Janelle Patricia Banuelos. The infant was delivered by emergency Caesarean section the morning of April 16 as her mother was dying from injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

With an isolette and their equipment standing by, Smith and Lamont, both left, listen and watch as David Kasting, MD, describes the skull fracture Janelle suffered while in utero.

Smith examines x-rays of Janelle's tiny chest, looking for clues to the infant's breathing difficulties.

Smith accompanies Felix Mariposa of American Medical Transport as he wheels Janelle down the corridor of the Salinas hospital. Smiling through their tears as some of them saw her for the first time, Janelle's extended family emerged from the hospital's chapel to say good-bye. Lamont opened the isolette so that Janelle's grandmothers could touch her tiny limbs.

On the road, Lamont regularly takes and records
Janelle's vital signs.

Lamont transfers Janelle to her hospital crib in Packard's NICU as Smith and a respiratory therapist look on. Six days later, Janelle was transferred back to Salinas Valley Medical Center, and was released to her family after a week.

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