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Stanford Report, October 11, 2001

Stanford's Nobel prize-winning faculty, then and now

"The Farm" is home to 17 living Nobel laureates -- 14 affiliated with the university and three affiliated with the Hoover Institution. Six additional Stanford laureates are deceased.

The business of "claiming" laureates can be controversial: Where and when was a winner's work done? Stanford, for example, lists but does not claim laureates who are not on the faculty, even if they have a significant Stanford connection. And Stanford does not list winners with a more fleeting or tenuous connection. John Steinbeck, the 1962 literature winner, for instance, did not make the cut although he attended Stanford -- receiving a "C" in freshman English in 1919 and dropping out in 1921, only to reenter the university as a journalism major in 1923 and drop out again in 1925.

Stanford University Nobel Laureates

Kenneth J. Arrow
Economic sciences (1972)

Paul Berg
Chemistry (1980)

Steven Chu
Physics (1997)
Arthur Kornberg
Medicine (1959)
Robert Laughlin
Physics (1998)

Douglas Osheroff
Physics (1996)

Martin Perl Physics (1995)

Burton Richter
Physics (1976)
Myron Scholes
Economic sciences (1997)
William F. Sharpe
Economic sciences (1990)

A. Michael Spence
Economic sciences (2001)
Joseph E. Stiglitz
Economic sciences (2001)

Henry Taube
Chemistry (1983)

Richard E. Taylor
Physics (1990)

Hoover Institution Nobel Laureates

Gary Becker
Economic sciences (1992)
Milton Friedman
Economic sciences (1976)
Douglass North
Economic sciences (1993)