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Stanford Report, May 2, 2001
James Gaither: 'Bill Hewlett would have been very proud of this moment'

This is the text of prepared comments made by James C. Gaither, a director of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and and former chair of Stanford's Board of Trustees, on the announcement of a $400 million dollar gift to Stanford.

I know that Bill Hewlett would have been very proud of this moment -- a bold, visionary step by his family and the Foundation he established to strengthen the University he loved and the liberal arts education he treasured. You can see the twinkle in his eyes thinking of his training in engineering and scientific inquiry, his love of the arts, of music and photography; his love of birds, animals, plants and trees, of geology and biology. His professional and personal lives were built at the juncture of humanities and science.

You can sense the pride he would have had in the vision and courage of his family in making this kind of commitment.

And you know he would have joined us in asking other foundations and individuals who have been fortunate enough to accumulate significant wealth to think boldly about making major commitments to build or to strengthen those institutions, like Stanford, that provide the foundation of a free society.