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Stanford Report, May 15, 2001
Questions for the president: a sampler

These are just a few of the written questions alumni have submitted to President John Hennessy during his nationwide welcome tour.

What is your strategy for protecting Stanford's property rights from the green foothill fanatics?

Why has Stanford forfeited the rugby game to Cal? The motto is "Beat Cal" -- not "Forfeit to Cal."

What is virtue (to you)?

What are your feelings about the Stanford Band?

How is your wife responding to your new commitments as president?

What is Stanford's present relationship to China politically and economically?

Will Stanford go to the Rose Bowl again soon?

Did you come in a limousine to the event?

Will you be as funny as Gerhard Casper?

Our 11-year-old daughter is torn between Stanford and Harvard. How do we put her on the right path?

What coping strategies do you have to deal with demands of the ever-demanding Stanford alumni?

Boxers or briefs?