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Stanford Report, October 13, 2000


John L. Hennessy's inauguration this month marks the 10th time that Stanford has welcomed a new president. Pomp and circumstance, some of it invented during prior presidencies, will accompany the colorful ceremony in Frost Amphitheater on Oct. 20. Just as the event has reflected the era in which it takes place, presidents have put a personal stamp on their own installations. Some presidents didn't have inaugurations, due to war and financial constraints, while others sought to celebrate the good times with a full-blown affair. While an early president refused to wear a cap and gown because he considered it undemocratic and impolite, the past two presidents have donned a flowing crimson robe created just for the occasion.

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Kenneth Sanborn Pitzer (1968-1970)

Richard W. Lyman (1970-1980)

Donald Kennedy (1980-1992)

Gerhard Casper (1992-2000)