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Stanford Report, November 8, 2000

Koseff clarifies statement to Board of Supervisors 


Some of you may have read the story in [the Nov. 1 print edition of] Stanford Report titled "Board of Supervisors delays action on General Use Permit." Near the bottom of this very good report of the proceedings on Monday night, I am "quoted" as saying that the Computer Science Department recently lost a faculty member because of housing. With all due apologies to Lisa Trei and Mark Shwartz for their otherwise excellent reporting, what I said publicly at the meeting was the following:

"The Computer Science Department, arguably the finest and most influential in the country, lost a potential faculty member a year ago over housing. This year it appears they may lose another. We cannot afford to lose the top recruits in the country and still retain our status as a leader in teaching and research."

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Senior Associate Dean, School of Engineering