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Stanford Report, November 8, 2000

Hoover Institution raises $100 million, surpassing campaign goal

The Hoover Institution has completed a campaign that has raised more than $100 million, surpassing its original goal, Hoover officials have announced.

The campaign -- "Ideas Defining A Free Society . . . Investing in Knowledge and Scholarship" -- was launched in 1997 with an original goal of $75 million. The campaign doubled Hoover's donor base and doubled the annual flow of expendable funds. In the final year, expendable giving reached a record $11.7 million, exceeding the original target of $10 million three years in a row.

Of the $100 million raised, $80 million was given for expendable purposes in support of Hoover's current research, collecting and communications priorities. The other $20 million is earmarked for endowment or deferred gifts.

"The tremendous support generated through this campaign will allow the Hoover Institution to make greater achievements, expanding our research in public policy, ensuring the continuity of our scholarly excellence, growing our collections, and increasing output and outreach of that information to the public, Hoover Director John Raisian said "Continuing to increase the endowment will strengthen the permanent financial foundation on which the Hoover Institution is built."