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Stanford Report, November 1, 2000
Barry and Baldwin honored by Cowell Student Health Service

Dr. Nicole Barry, specialist in immunology and rheumatology, has received the sixth annual Outstanding Faculty Physician Award for excellence in specialty care of students from Cowell Student Health Service. Amy Baldwin, director of Prepaid Health, was given the fourth annual Cowell Award for Exceptional Service in facilitating health care of Stanford students.

Barry was praised for her dedication to educating patients and clinicians. "Dr. Barry makes sure that each student understands their diagnosis and how to cope with it," said Dr. Ira M. Friedman, director of Cowell. In presenting the award, Dr. Robyn Tepper, Cowell's chief physician, recalled examples of Barry's teamwork with all the Medical Services staff, both clinicians and nursing staff. Barry works for Sports, Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Medicine Associates (SOAR), and is director of athletic women's health programs as well as a team physician for the university.

Baldwin was honored for her ongoing contribution to implementing many administrative and operational aspects of Cardinal Care insurance for Stanford Medical Center. Jane Meier, Cowell's associate director, described Baldwin's efforts since 1991: "Students with Cardinal Care insurance have greatly benefited from her behind-the-scenes-work to smooth the way for their medical care."

Cowell offers medical services to 14,000 Stanford students and their spouses and domestic partners. Clinics at the Medical Center had more than 2,000 visits last year by Stanford students upon referral from Cowell.