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Stanford Report, May 24, 2000

Faculty salary information: 1999-2000

This is the text of notes on the annual publication of faculty salaries prepared by the Office of the Provost

Stanford has disclosed for many years summary measures of faculty salaries to give faculty and administrators a reasonable idea of how each individualís salary compares with others, either graphically or in tables.This year, the Provost's Office is publishing summary measures of faculty salaries for academic year 1999/2000 in tables.

For all schools except the Law School and the School of Medicine, the table shows information separately by years in rank for each school with further disaggregation to reflect the divisional structures in the School of Humanities and Sciences. The Law School shows information by years since degree. The School of Medicine table has been redesigned to accommodate the School’s new salary structure. The 25th percentile, the 50th percentile or median, the 75th percentile and the number of faculty in the category are shown in each row. The 25th percentile is the level below which 25 percent of the salaries of the faculty in the category fall. (Conversely, 75 percent of the faculty members in the category have salaries above this level.) The 50th and 75th percentiles are similarly defined for the category. The salary figures for cases of small populations, defined as fewer than eight faculty members, are not shown to assure that individual salaries remain private. The years in rank categories vary from school to school to ensure privacy and meaningful group size.

Salary charts: