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Stanford Report, March 8, 2000

New housing may help ease employee housing shortage


As Ms. Hamlett has identified, housing is a serious matter to virtually all staff. Stanford, along with many other employers in the Bay Area, is concerned about escalating housing costs, long commutes and the short supply of affordable housing. There are no easy answers to this enormous and complex housing problem. The university has given considerable thought to a variety of solutions, including some of those referred to by Ms. Hamlett. We have decided that the most effective strategy to pursue is to build a significant employee housing project on Stanford land. It is expected that this project, known as Stanford West, will be ready for occupancy by the summer of 2000. It will have 628 apartments, some of which will be rented under a special below market rate program. More information on the details of the apartments, including rents, eligibility criteria and completion, will be available in the next few months.

Carolyn G. Sargent
Faculty/Staff Housing