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Stanford Report, March 8, 2000

Rash of auto burglaries hits campus

A rash of auto burglaries has occurred on the Stanford campus since mid-February, public safety officials report. The primary target (18 out of 24 burglaries) has been car stereos, with Alpine and Kenwood brands frequent but not the only targets. The method of entry has been evenly split between smashed windows and punched locks. Cars parked in commuter and residential parking spaces have been equally violated. The Wilbur-Stern area has experienced significant activity.

"Check your car on a regular basis," advises Lt. Del Bandy of the Public Safety department. Students often leave vehicles unattended for several days, he says, and neglected vehicles are likely targets. It takes less than 30 seconds to break into a car and remove the stereo, he notes.

If you see suspicious activity, dial 911 immediately. Do not try to confront burglars, Bandy warns. In the past, intruders have brandished weapons when confronted. SR