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Stanford Report, June 28, 2000

Nurses’ strike gets short shrift in Commencement


The June 14 issue of Stanford Report was devoted largely to the joys of Stanford Commencement. The happy nonsense associated with it contrasted with the more solemn atmosphere at, for example, Princeton. It also contrasted with the uninformative note "Nurses' strike continues at Packard, Stanford hospitals."

There were as usual the endless references to raising money for the university, whose faculty generally lead a very comfortable life.

The nurses' strike comes on the heels of the protests by hospital workers. Both groups work devotedly in difficult jobs, as all who have enjoyed their help realize. I am aware of the problems involved, but the community should be better informed about them. The matter should not have been swept into a corner of the news.

Not everyone was happy.

Professor Emeritus
School of Humanities and Sciences