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Stanford Report, June 14, 2000

A senate salute to the 'Mark of Zoback'

Mark Zoback, geophysics, was presiding over the last Faculty Senate meeting of the year in a Law School lecture hall Thursday when he was interrupted by Brad Osgood, electrical engineering ­ who, incidentally, is next year's senate chair.

"Now, we all agree that it's been a wonderful year in the senate with important issues and interesting discussions," Osgood told Zoback. "And this, I think, we all agree also is in no small measure due to your leadership. So, as a small token of our esteem, I would like to offer a musical appreciation in swashbuckling style."

Accompanied on the guitar by Jack Conway, who plays with Osgood in a jazz sextet, he proceeded to deliver a Zoback-ized rendition of the "Theme to the Mark of Zorro."

"I'm protected by tenure from what I'm about to do," Osgood added.

He came from the west

Just outside of Tucson.

In his time at Stanford

He put the right moves on.

When the Judicial System went all out of whack

Who did they call?

They called Mark Zoback!


Zoback! Zoback! Zoback!

In moments you will be free.

Zoback! Zoback! Zoback!

Next year . . . it will be me!


The protesters came

They made quite a ruckus.

But he didn't budge

He sat on his . . . chair.

Every issue he did fearlessly attack.

That's the Mark, the Mark of Zoback.

Yes, he's Mark. Oh he's Mark Zoback!


The tribute's coup de grâce came when the screen of the lecture hall's blackboard was lifted to reveal the 'Z' -- the classic mark of Zorro. Zoback, appearing somewhat stunned by the honor, thanked Osgood and requested the score. SR