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Stanford Report, June 14, 2000

Orrin Robinson to head IHUM

John Bravman, vice provost for undergraduate education, announced at last week's Faculty Senate meeting that Orrin Robinson, professor of German studies, would become the director of the Introduction to the Humanities program in September. Robinson will succeed Harry Elam, drama, who completed a three-year term.

"Under Harry's leadership, the program has grown and prospered each year. Each year we have offered more courses than the year before. And the qualitative acceptance of these programs by the students continues to go up," Bravman said.

Robinson, Bravman said, brings to the position "a tremendous enthusiasm and love for the humanities and for this program."

Bravman noted that Robinson has been active in the IHUM program and is former chair of the senate's Committee on Undergraduate Studies.

Robinson will serve a three-year term. SR