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Stanford Report, June 14, 2000

George M. Fredrickson receives Cox Medal for fostering undergraduate research

George M. Fredrickson, the Edgar E. Robinson Professor of United States History, was presented with the 2000 Allan V. Cox Medal for Faculty Excellence Fostering Undergraduate Research by Malcolm R. Beasley, dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences, at ceremonies held Saturday, June 10, in Campbell Recital Hall.

Fredrickson was cited "for yeoman service supporting undergraduate student research over many years; for his encouraging, yet demanding and rigorous mentorship of students working on seminar papers, honors theses and grant proposals; for his assistance guiding exceptional students toward publication of their work in nationally recognized journals and presses; for inspiring undergraduate research efforts with direct assistance, as well as by his own remarkable example."

The Cox Medal is awarded annually to the faculty member who has established a record of excellence directing undergraduate research over a number of years. It may also go to a faculty member who has done an especially outstanding job with just one or two undergraduates whose work is unusually superior.

The Cox award was established in memory of the late Allan Cox, a professor of geophysics and dean of the School of Earth Sciences. He is widely known as the co-discoverer of magnetic field reversals.

According to Laura Selznick, director of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities program, which hosted the medal ceremony, "in the late 1970s and early 1980s, it was Cox, more than any other Stanford faculty member, who extolled the virtue of research programs such as that pioneered at MIT." She added that "he encouraged professors to adopt the same goals and provide similar opportunities to undergraduates here. His energy led to increased funding and support for faculty-student collaboration in research."

In addition to the citation and engraved bronze medal, Fredrickson received a cash prize.

Previous recipients of the Cox Medal include Carolyn Lougee, history; James Collman, chemistry; the late William Fairbank, physics; Kennell Jackson, history; Frank Wolak, economics; Ward Watt, biological sciences; Anne Fernald, psychology; Terry Karl, political science; David Epel, biological sciences; James L. Gibbs Jr., anthropology; Russell D. Fernald, human biology and psychology; and Luis R. Fraga, political science, and Richard N. Zare, chemistry, who shared the award in 1997. SR