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Stanford Report, July 12, 2000

Marguerite service to Menlo Park granted a reprieve

The new deadline is July 28 for termination of the Menlo Park Marguerite line that provides shuttle service to and from Stanford.

Originally scheduled to cease June 30 because of loss of funding, the route was granted an extension at the request of the City of Menlo Park, which handles funding for the service that is carried by the university.

"We operate it for the city," said Leslie Quintero, manager of Stanford's Parking and Transportation Services center.

Because of low ridership, funding for the line was not approved for next fiscal year. Late last month, Menlo Park's transportation officials decided to use unspent funds to keep the shuttle service operating until July 28. Meanwhile, Menlo Park officials hope to find permanent funding for the line, which has depended on year-to-year grants from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's Transportation Fund for Clean Air.

"I think it's a good service ­ I feel very strongly that this service should be continued forever," says Larry Dahl, a deployment specialist in Green Library. Dahl, a regular Marguerite rider, also attends City of Menlo Park meetings regarding the shuttle closure.

Because of a medical condition, Dahl stopped riding his bicycle to work and depends on the Marguerite line to get him to his job of 19 years.

For information regarding the route, contact Debbie Helming of the City of Menlo Park at 858-3363 or

For service concerns, contact Kevin Mathy, the Marguerite transit coordinator, at 725-5996 or SR