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Stanford Report, July 12, 2000

Cardinal Chronicle

IT’S A LOOOOOONG SHOT, BUT AN EX-SLACer wants to be president. JOHN HAGELIN of the Natural Law Party, a postdoc with SLAC’s Theory Group from 1982 to 1984, predicts a “grass-roots brush fire” is going to land him in the White House. The physicist’s party, which grew out of the teachings of Transcendental Meditation leader MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI, calls for preventive health care, increasing the use of renewable energy resources and unconventional remedies for resolving international conflicts. During the Kosovo crisis, Hagelin suggested sending 7,000 “coherence creating” professionals, in-cluding flying yogic experts, to ease tensions. It’s Hagelin’s third presidential race – in 1996 he garnered one-tenth of a percent of the vote and in 1992 less than 40,000 ballots.

CAMPUS DENIZENS ARE ON THE MOVE this summer raising funds for good causes. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society recently got a boost from gina wein, Linguistics Department administrator, and PEGGY VAS DIAS, a secretary in Biological Sciences, who completed walking marathons in San Diego on June 4. On June 17, graduate student JACQUI LAZU from the Spanish and Portuguese Department and MIREYA SAMANIEGO, a research assistant at the Center for Research in Disease Prevention, respectively walked and ran a marathon in Anchorage. Wein says she raised $3,700 in memory of her brother, JOHN, who died from leukemia. Also noted: JOE SHACKELFORD, administrative services manager from Biological Sciences, joined other staffers in participating in this year’s San Francisco-Los Angeles AIDS Ride to raise funds for AIDS education and services.

JULY 1, SLAC’S FIRST DIRECTOR, W.K.H. “PIEF” PANOFSKY, completed 49 years at Stanford. Contacted at his office, the octogenarian said he didn’t realize that such a milestone had been reached. “I have no profound thoughts on this; but 7 times 7 equals 49,” he said, laughing. “However, I am pleased to be around and to play a part in activities here.” It was SLAC’s P.A. MOORE who ferreted out Panofsky’s original start date. “I’d be curious to know how many other [people] have served this long and come to the office every day and run rings around those of us who are half his age,” says Moore. Art Professor MATT KAHN hit the 50-year mark in 1999, but we’d like to hear from other semi-centenarians still active on the Farm.

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