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Stanford Report, January 5, 2000

Montoya issues statement on investigation of racist e-mail

This statement is a follow-up to a statement released last September regarding the racist e-mail sent on Memorial Day weekend. For reasons explained below, this will be the final statement on the matter.

Stanford is continuing to investigate matters relating to the hateful and racist e-mail message sent to thousands of Stanford e-mail accounts last Memorial Day weekend.

Last fall, we reported that federal law enforcement officials were investigating this matter and that they had requested Stanford not pursue any disciplinary action until they had completed their investigation. We honored that request, but in November, because of the six-month statute of limitations required by the Student Judicial Charter, we began our own investigation into the incident. As a result, a charge for violations of the Fundamental Standard now has been brought in accordance with the Charter.

At the time the incident occurred, we stated our belief that the student whose account and name were used to send the e-mail was not responsible for sending it. We have concluded that this indeed is the case: That student was not responsible for the incident.

The Student Judicial Charter stipulates that the "identity and the circumstances of allegations against [students] will be kept confidential." Keeping this need for privacy in mind, we are not able to provide more information and do not plan to make any other statement concerning this case or proceeding.

Information about Stanford's student judicial process can be found on the web at Copies of the Student Judicial Charter also are available in the Judicial Affairs Office.

James Montoya
Vice Provost for Student Affairs SR

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