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Stanford Report, January 5, 2000

Kozmetsky family gift to support research on emerging knowledge economy

Teledyne co-founder George Kozmetsky; his wife, Ronya; and the RGK Foundation that they founded announced on Dec. 13 a gift of $1 million to the Institute for International Studies for research on the emerging knowledge economy.

The gift will be used for an endowment fund to name a senior research scholar and support research activities associated with the KNEXUS (Knowledge: Networks, Exchange and Uses) program at Stanford. This long-term interdisciplinary research program seeks to help scholars, government officials and business leaders worldwide understand the emerging knowledge-based economy and how it can be fostered in developing nations. KNEXUS is one of the first research efforts funded through the Bechtel Initiative for Global Growth and Change, created in 1998 by the Bechtel Foundation to examine the interactive effects of worldwide political, economic, social and technological changes.

David Holloway, director of the Institute for International Studies, said, "KNEXUS has brought industry and the university together to study some of the key issues of global growth and change in the context of the knowledge economy."

Nathan Rosenberg, the Fairleigh S. Dickinson, Jr. Professor of Public Policy Economics, is principal investigator. Other researchers steering KNEXUS include Professors James March and Gavin Wright, and Syed Shariq, KNEXUS director of research. SR