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Stanford Report, January 26, 2000

Cohn leaving Stanford magazine for business publication

Bob Cohn editor and publisher of Stanford magazine, has resigned from his position effective Friday. Mark Robinson, the magazine's managing editor, is serving as acting editor.

Cohn has accepted the post of executive editor at The Industry Standard, a San Francisco-based weekly business magazine that covers the Internet economy.

"Specifically, I'm responsible for extending the Standard's editorial reach into new areas -- international magazines, new domestic magazines, editorial partnerships, radio, television" and other media, Cohn said.

Cohn, 36, joined Stanford magazine as editor in 1995, took on the additional duties of publisher in 1998 and was named editorial director of the Stanford Alumni Association later that year. In 1999, Folio magazine named Stanford's publication "Best University Magazine." Cohn said his aim has been to produce a high-quality magazine that appeals "emotionally and intellectually" to readers but that's also "interesting and fun to read."

Prior to coming to work for Stanford, Cohn was a White House, legal affairs and Washington correspondent for Newsweek magazine.

He received bachelor's degrees in American studies and communication from Stanford, and a Master's in the Study of Law from Yale Law School in 1990. SR