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Stanford Report, January 19, 2000

A notice from Human Resources Director Peggy Hiraoka regarding job postings

Beginning earlier this month, you may have noticed new pay range codes in the Stanford Report's Employment Opportunities for staff. These new codes are one outcome of the extensive redesign of the evaluation/classification process and pay structure for staff jobs that has been discussed in several Vantage Point articles and, more recently, in the new Stanford@Work newsletter. This redesign is updating a system that is more than 25 years old.

The new processes and pay structures do not have any effect on actual working titles, job duties or, in the short term, pay. Rather, these changes intend to streamline and create efficiency and flexibility in the way jobs are described, classified and assigned to pay ranges.

In order to circumvent any potential problems that might have resulted from Y2K issues, the new pay range codes were input into the Human Resources information system (CHRIS) around the end of last year in anticipation of the full conversion that would occur early in 2000. Unfortunately, we published these new codes (replacing the former B, C, K, S and T range codes) in the Stanford Report's Employment Opportunities before other communication and training materials were available. As a result, the new codes are understandably causing confusion. The assignment and significance of the new codes and pay ranges will be reviewed with managers and supervisors in the next few weeks. Individual discussions with employees will follow. In the meantime, Employment Opportunities will cross-reference the new salary range codes with the more familiar B, C, K, S and T range codes for each specific position during this interim period. Once implementation is completed, the former codes no longer will be referenced.

Human Resource Officers and senior managers in each school and administrative unit are planning briefings for all employees over the next month. By mid-February, each staff employee will receive a brochure outlining the new pay structure. If you should have any questions, please contact your Human Resources Officer, who will verify job codings and make any necessary adjustments during the next few weeks. SR