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Stanford Report, January 19, 2000

Nominees sought for 2000 Deans' Award

Faculty who teach undergraduates are encouraged to nominate candidates for this year's Deans' Award for Academic Achievement. The deadline is Friday, Feb. 25.

Inaugurated in the spring of 1988, the annual awards recognize five to 10 undergraduates for noteworthy accomplishments that might not otherwise be celebrated. Students selected for the awards should have more than a high grade point average or extraordinary success in coursework. Examples include exceptional, tangible achievements in classes or independent research, outstanding performance in national academic competitions, a presentation or publication for a regional or national audience, or superior performance in the creative arts.

Award winners are presented with a specially selected book and citation at a Spring Quarter ceremony. Each year the winners' portraits and citations are displayed in the first floor lobby of Sweet Hall and on the Undergraduate Research Opportunities (URO) website (

Letters of recommendation should be sent to the attention of Laura Selznick, Director, URO, 122 Sweet Hall (mail code 3088) or by e-mail to Laura.S@forsythe as a text file or selznick@leland as an attachment. SR