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Stanford Report, August 9, 2000

Stanford Dish area to close Aug. 14 - 31

The Dish area in the Stanford foothills will close from Aug. 14 to 31 for physical improvements and environmental restoration work, reports Andy Coe, director of community relations. When it reopens Sept. 1, all authorized access gates will be reopened, visitors will be required to stay on designated paths, and dogs will not be permitted.

The changes are part of a new "Conservation and Use Plan for the Dish Area" announced by the university on May 2. The plan designates new areas for habitat conservation, establishes an environmental restoration program and maintains recreational public access, Coe says. During the temporary closing, the main recreational route in the Dish area will be repaved, fencing will be repaired and installed, and environmental restoration work will begin. For further questions, call (650) 926-0275 or log on to SR