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Stanford Report, April 12, 2000

Senate to hold joint meeting with Graduate Student Council

The Faculty Senate will hold a first-ever joint meeting with the ASSU Graduate Student Council on Thursday to discuss issues affecting graduate students.

"We want to start a dialogue," Faculty Senate Chair Mark Zoback said. "We want to talk to each other and not about each other. That's what we're hoping to accomplish. We're not going to solve all problems, but we want to look at mechanisms for addressing them."

The topics that will be discussed include quality of life issues such as graduate student housing, the lack of which can affect academic performance and recruitment, Zoback said.

At a university where graduate studies are as decentralized as they are at Stanford, Zoback said, he also wants to figure out ways different schools can disseminate information about programs they have implemented that benefit graduate students. For example, he said, students in his department, geophysics, have embraced a program in which new graduate students are paired up with student mentors.

The joint meeting also will include discussion of the 1996 "Guidelines for Good Practices in the Graduate Student-Faculty Adviser Relationship." SR