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Stanford Report, September 22, 1999

Past Marshall D. O'Neill Award winners

Other O'Neill Award winners have been:

1991: Rita R. Kuhn, manager with the Engineering Research Administration, and Wolfgang W. Jung, machinist in the Physics Department

1992: Manuel G. Gutierrez, technician with The Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory

1993: Thomas C. Rindfleisch, a senior research associate with the Knowledge Systems Laboratory, Medicine and Robert S. Kernoff, senior research scientist in medicine/cardiovascular medicine

1994: J. Paul Lomio, assistant director of Crown Library, Stanford Law School, and Droni Chiu, administrator in the Chemistry Department

1995: Alice J. Haskett, human subjects coordinator in the Research Compliance Office and Alex Ross, head librarian in the Art & Architecture Library

1996: Robert Schneeveis, science and engineering associate in the Neurobiology Department and Grace Baysinger, head librarian and bibliographer in the Swain Library of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

1997: Turgut Gür, associate director of the Center for Materials Research

1998: Christopher Scott, director of research development at the School of Medicine, executive director of ACCESS and the associate director of the Beckman Center