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Stanford Report, March 31, 1999

EASTfest Speaker Series: Education in Asia

All talks begin at 7 p.m. in the EAST House dining hall.

April 5: "The Conflicting Aims of Indonesian Education: Developing National Unity and Individual Minds," by Chris Bjork, Stanford.

April 6: "Educating Hearts and Minds: Perspectives on Japanese Elementary Education," by Catherine Lewis, Stanford.

April 7: "Vietnamese Education," by Eric Crystal, University of California-Berkeley.

April 8: "Informal Education for Social Change in Vietnam and Nepal," by Gregg Biggs, World Neighbors.

April 9: "Confucian and Daoist Approaches to Education," by Mark Berkson, Stanford.

April 12: "Japanese Music Education and Structure," by Masayuki and Michiyo Koga, Japanese Musical Institute of America.

April 13: "The Treadmill of Success: Working Out Careers in Imperial China's Examination System," Hilde de Weerdt, University of California-Berkeley.

April 14: "Problems with the Japanese Education System," by Thomas Rohlen, Stanford.

April 15: "Girls' and Women's Education in India," by Anjini Kochar, Stanford.

April 16: "Pinocchio's Funland? Schools Without Examinations During the Chinese Cultural Revolution," by Youquin Wang, Stanford. SR